1 day

350 SEK

300 SEK

2 days

600 SEK

500 SEK

3 days orweekend

800 SEK

700 SEK

4 days

1000 SEK

900 SEK

5 days

1150 SEK

1050 SEK

6 days

1300 SEK

1200 SEK

7 days or 1 week

1450 SEK

1300 SEK

more than 7 days

200 SEK

150 SEK

weekend = fri. after 15:00 - sun. before 18:00

Packbarrels 60L  25 SEK/ day

Extra seats 25 SEK/day


You can bring the boats on your car yourself. You must have good all-round carriers for this and you must know in advance where you and your company are going. We can also take you to one of the starting points. You can park your car for free on our property.

The Klarälven

Transport to

Byn (250 SEK), Fastnäs (450 SEK), Gravol (550 SEK), Stöllet (650 SEK), Ambjörby (750SEK), Likenäs (850SEK), Ransby (900 SEK) and Sysslebäck (950 SEK). 

The end point is near the base.

The Svartälven

Transport to

Tyfors (750 SEK)

Transport retur ... There are several collection points. In consultation.


Outback Hagfors

Transport to

Transport to Geijersholm (250 SEK). Transport to Nären (500 SEK). 

Transport retur ... There are several collection points. In consultation.


Transport from and to Startingpoint Torsby  (1200 SEK)

Rental conditions

You must be at least 18 years old to rent a boat.

You must be able to swim for at least 200 m.

Life jackets must be used (included in the rent)

You use the rented property at your own risk.

Participation in one of our tours is at your own risk.

You indicate in advance which route will be used and who belongs to the group.

Kayaks, canoes and other rented materials must be returned clean.

Damage caused or missing items must be compensated by the tenant.

We advise you to take out cancellation insurance and / or travel insurance yourself.

Included in the rent is: the Kayak / Canoe, paddles, spray skirt, life jacket and sponge.

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