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A Swedish outdoor adventure!


A Swedish outdoor adventure with Klaralvenkanot.

If you make a trip in Sweden with a canoe or kayak, you are in for a unique adventure. You can escape your daily worries and fully immerse yourself in nature. There are few activities as peaceful as paddling in a kayak or canoe. The silence on the water, you are one with nature. 

The possibilities for adventures on the water are endless. You can go alone, with a group of friends or with a family for a day, several days or even longer than a week. Enjoy beautiful views and camp in the most special places in the wild. This can be in an existing shelter or with your own camping equipment on a self-selected island or beach. Discover the diversity Sweden has to offer for kayakers and canoeists. Whether you are a beginner or already have a lot of paddling experience, there is enough on offer for everyone.

Värmland is located in the middle of Sweden and has 10,513 lakes, many nature reserves, hiking trails, museums, mountains, rivers and streams. In nature (77% of the surface of the province consists of forest) there are, among other things; bear, wolf, lynx, deer, fox, beaver and moose.


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Ons bedrijf Klaralvenkanot ligt aan de Smedliden 1 in Edeback pal aan de weg 62 naast de brug over de Klarälven.

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