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About us

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Who would have thought that our lives would change so drastically in 2022. From a job in healthcare in Apeldoorn to a canoe and kayak rental company in Sweden. After a great holiday in Sweden a year before, we knew that the Netherlands would bring us back to the grind of everyday life. Fantasizing about living in Sweden our fantasy came true. 

Together with our two youngest children we emigrated to Sweden in 2022 and we live in the small village of Edeback in the municipality of Hagfors. 

Enjoy the beautiful nature, vast forests and lakes, but above all, relax. Who would not want that? A great feeling and we would like to share that with others.

What makes us special?

We are a family business. We attach great importance to personal attention, social contact and hospitality. Service and service What is in us through years of work experience in healthcare will be reflected in how we treat our guests. We think in possibilities and not in limitations. 

We hope to welcome you at Klaralvenkanot for a unique canoe or kayaking experience from a few hours to several days. And if you are not quite sure or if you have something else in mind for an unforgettable holiday, please do not hesitate to contact us.



Christian and Alinda Knulst

Plezier en avontuur

We vinden het belangrijk dat er genoten wordt. We hebben daarom ook verschillende vertrek en ophaalpunten voor een tocht. Zo kunnen we de kanotocht aanpassen op de wensen die er zijn. 

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