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Klaralven, Varmland

The River Klarälven flows through the Värmland region in central Sweden. This area is the dream of many canoeists. The area is a canoeing wonderland with beautiful sandy beaches and small islands offering idyllic resting places. Watch for beavers in the water at dusk. There is also a chance that you will see a moose along this river.

Depending on the number of days/kilometers you want to sail, you will be taken upstream by us. You then sail downstream back to our company, which is also the end point of the tour.

The river flows about 3 kilometers per hour on average. This depends on the water level. 

Along the way you will come across a number of villages where you can buy some food and drinks or where you can sit on a terrace.

If you do this trip for several days, you can choose whether you camp in nature or whether you set up your tent at one of the campsites along the river. For people who prefer not to sleep in a tent, there is also the possibility to book a hiker's cabin or stuga at one of these campsites.

The river flows along road 62 for a while. But once you're on the water, you won't be bothered by the noise of this road.

The shortest trip on the Klarälven is that of 1 day and is about 18 kilometers long. The longest trip we offer starts in Syssleback and is approximately 120 kilometers long.

On average you can assume that you sail 4 to 6 kilometers per hour.


The river winds forcefully south into the valley and you pass several smaller communities where it is possible to replenish and stock up; Sysslebäck, Likenäs, Ambjörby, Stöllet and Ekshärad. There are many nice sandbars to pull up to and have a picnic or swim. If you want to spend the night, there are campsites with cabins along the way.

The Svartalven

A beautiful trip over the Svartälven. This adventurous canoe trip takes you through the beautiful nature of East Varmland. 

The river Svartälven is one of the best canoe waters. The river runs south through extensive areas of outstanding natural beauty. From the starting point Tyfors, the canoe trip on Svartälven is very varied. You sail over narrow canals, lakes and rivers.

Along the way you pass several uninhabited islands that are worth a stop and where you can spend the night. We often hear the Robinson Crusoe feeling.

On this route there are also a number of points where a shelter is located. This means a place with a fireplace, toilet and a building with a roof.  With a bit of luck you can spot beavers or other wildlife during this tour. Our tip is: Have a leisurely pace and take enough space along the way to swim, fish, light a fire and explore many uninhabited islands and shores.


This tour also requires about 10 land crossings if you go for 6-7 days. The shortest is about 50 meters and the longest about 4 kilometers. If you go 3-4 days you will have about 3 land transports. The shortest is about 50 meters and the longest about 2 kilometers.


On the journey of 6 to 7 days there is a place where there is a shop.  This is about 4 to 5 days sailing. Keep this in mind when preparing for this trip. 

In the 3-4 day trip, this place or the end point. So you will also have to take everything with you for this trip.

Before the tour starts, we will go through the maps with the route.


For this tour Svartälven you need a nature map. This is 20 SEK per adult per day.

You can purchase this from us.


The trip of 6 to 7 days is about 85 kilometers long.

The trip of 3 to 4 days about 55 kilometers.

image0 (2).jpeg

Bergslagen tour North

This is the region for those looking for quiet, unspoiled nature. Surrounded by remote areas of swamp and forest, the tour passes through small lakes and rivers in the former mining district of Bergslagen. The tour starts near Geijersholm west of Hagfors and ends at Sundsjön.  

The tour is about 110 kilometers long.  En is suitable for people who want to spend a week or more in nature. This trip is challenging and requires some experience and perseverance.

Along the way you hardly encounter other people and buildings and you almost have the entire area to yourself.

The tour also requires approximately 12 land crossings. The longest transport required is about 4 km. Some land transports are tough and go over rocks and bumpy paths

Knoande to Gijersholm

This 2-3 days tour is suitable for families with children who want to enjoy nature and still have a little adventure with land transport.

You sail from Geijersholm via the river Uvan to Gustavsfors, (this is 12 kilometers).

From there you sail across Lake Knon to Knoande, which is the end point (this is 3 kilometers)

You will pass several islands along the way where you can set up your tent and enjoy nature.

There are 2 land transports here. One of 2 kilometers and one of 100 meters.

Total trip 3 days 25 kilometers.


If you have an idea for a nice route, please contact us and we can see what we can do.

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