Welcome to Klarälven Kanot!

Canoeing or kayaking on the rivers: Klarälven, Svartälven, the Röjdan or in the "outback" north of Hagfors.

Through Klarälven Kanot we offer you the opportunity to sail the rivers and lakes with our wide selection of Aluminum Canadian open canoes from the Swedish brand Linder in 2-, 3- or 4-person versions or in our 2- or 3-person PE canoes of the brand Discovery Old Town. Klarälven Kanot not only has canoes but also kayaks for renting out. These are the expedition kayaks of the brand Prijon (1-person) or the easy-to-handle 1-person expedition kayaks of the brand Rainbow Oasis X-large.

There is a double seater (2-person) kayak available for the shorter trips. (Maximum 3 or 4 days). This depends on the starting point and the chosen route. No land transports are needed on the Klarälven River, as there are no hydro-electric power stations in the line between Sysslebäck and Edebäck.

The canoe / kayak trips on the Svartälven river or in the "outback" north of Hagfors do require land transport. We have sturdy trolleys of the brand Linder for renting out, which are ideal for transporting your canoe / kayak This canoe area includes parts of Värmland and Dalarna. The pristine "outback". With every trip you will receive a map (or maps) of the area.

A nature card is required for the trip over a part of the Svartälven.  You can purchase this from us. (20 SEK pp. Children under 16 free) You can start your tour on any day of the week. We prefer to bring you to the drop-off around 10
in the morning, but ... everything is possible in consultation ... of course.

You can stay the night before (or at the end) of the tour in cabin “ Annette “. The cabin is accommodated up to 5 people. Or you can stay the night in our fully equipped caravan. (max. 2 adults, 2 kids) A shower / toilet and kitchen has been realized in the basement of the base.

In the early and late season, it is  also possible to spend the night in the base itself. There are beds for 6 people. It is also possible to put up your tent in the garden …The advantage of an overnight stay is, that in the event of rain, your equipment/bagage stay dry and we can still leave without a hitch.

Do you want to pick up the canoe yourself? Or would you prefer us to take you to one of the starting points, so that you can leave your car with us for free? With us, both is possible. Do you want to know more about our tours, just ask!

Welcome to Värmland!

Our tours

A trip of a few hours on a small river .... (in the morning or in the afternoon)

We'll drop you off ... where the river starts. This is a beautiful river, close to the base, surrounded by a beautiful old forest. Lovely and exciting at the same time. A number of trees have fallen over and around and in between you have to maneuver ... not always easy ... The river flows into the Klarälven river. You cross this river diagonally and you end up at a small beach. We’ll pick you up there.


59°23′19″N 13°29′54″E

This canoe trip is suitable for the whole family. The Klarälven river is a very old river, which has its origins in Norway...

and which winds its way from north to south through the province of Värmland, where it finally (after about 460 km) flows into Lake Vänern. The river takes large amounts of sand with it. New islands and sandbanks are emerging every year. The river flows quietly through a varied landscape of forests, hills and meadows. Occasionally a village. No land transports are required. The river was used in the old days for the transport of tree trunks. Now the transport is done by large trucks.

The Klarälven tour can consist of : 1 to 7-9 days. 

Byn - 18 km is a trip for one day. From Byn, the trip is suitable for people, who want to paddle down the river calmly and want to stop here and there for a lunch or for a swim. 

Fastnäs - 39 km and Björkebo - 48 km are tours where you need an overnight stay. Depending on how long you want to paddle, choose Fastnäs or Björkebo. The river is wide and calm. You can spend the night in the great outdoors or at a campsite. 

3-4 days: Stöllet - 59 km at the intersection between roads 45 and 62. You start from the campsite and the first part leads along beautiful banks and a hilly landscape.

4-5 days: Ambjörby - 72 km and Likenäs bridge - 88 km. The wide river winds through the landscape. Every now and then the bank is a bit higher and you really have the feeling that you are sailing down a valley. 

5-6 days: Ransby - 98 km. A nice distance for a nice week in central Sweden. Build your own camp site and enjoy the rich nature.

6-7 days: Sysslebäck - 116 km. Our highest starting point. From here you have the maximum route that can be sailed safely, even for non-experienced canoeists and families.



59°79′89″N 14°50′06″E

A beautiful trip over the Svartälven river. This adventurous canoe trip takes you through the beautiful nature in the east...

of Värmland. With its larger waters, narrow rivers and its many places to camp "wild", this tour is a special adventure.

Also due to the frequent absence of people and the presence of beautiful nature, this trip will be unforgettable…. Land transport is required.

The Svartälven tour can consist of 3 - 4 days. But also from 7 - 9 days.
Halfway the route you can turn right, so that you halve your route.

The starting point is Tyfors. The collection point can therefore be chosen by yourself.

Before the start of the tour, we go through the maps.



59°79′89″N 14°50′06″E

You can subdivide this area into 3 trips from 4 days to 8 - 10 days...

The starting point for the short route is the start of Lake Nären.

The starting point for 2 longer routes is Geijersholm.

The tour starts in Geijersholm. From there the route goes to Gustavsfors.

This area is still unspoilt. Quiet and not (almost) furnished. The tour takes you across lakes and small rivers. A beautiful nature in which you enter 100% in your enjoyment mode. And ... with a bit of luck, you meet the king of the forest: the moose ... or you see a beaver swimming .... or ... you hear a wolf howling ... or ....

Land transport is required in this area. For this, we have sturdy canoe trolleys of the brand Linder for renting out. The first land transport is the longest: about 6 km, but…. you end this day with an awesome view of Lake Nären. Set up a tent and enjoy ...

Due to the land transports, this route is less suitable for families with smaller children.

You will come across 1 supermarket on this route. In case of booking, you will receive a food list. Take enough with you for the first 3 to 4 days.

We will go through the maps before the start of the tour.



60°28′86″N 12°74′70″E

This 4-day canoe trip is suitable for every canoeist. So also for families with children. The Röjdan is a narrow river...

that flows into Lake Ovre Fryken near Torsby. Small lakes have been created where the river is slightly wider. A beautiful canoe trip through a fertile valley with a beautiful view of the hills and mountains. The tour starts in Torsby and you paddle upstream towards Lake Klaggen. On Lake Klaggen you make a round and paddle again towards Torsby. The first part of the route, you sail upstream, but because there is a dam in the river, you hardly feel this current. This canoe trip is approximately 45 km long. There is a small land transport in both directions. 


Experience the unforgettable nature
of Värmland


Värmland is a so-called landscape in the central Swedish region of Svealand. It borders Västergötland and Dalsland in the south, Norway in the west and Dalarna, Västmanland and Närke in the east. Värmland comprises an area of a total of 18,164 km², which largely coincides with the province of Värmlands län. In the south, Värmland borders Lake Vänern, with Sweden's largest lake at around 5000 km².

Värmland is located in the middle of Sweden and has 10,513 lakes, many nature reserves, ski slopes, hiking trails, museums, mountains and streams. In nature (77% of the province's surface consists of forest) there are, among other things, the bear, wolf, lynx, wolverine and moose.

With its size of 17,500 km², Värmland is one of the larger landscapes of Sweden. Because there are only 310.000 people living, the average number of residents is 16 per km². In Värmland, Torsby is the most extensive municipality and Karlstad is the municipality with the most inhabitants.



Adventurous canoe trips through the beautiful nature in the east of Värmland



its many places to camp "wild" make our trips a special adventure



Because of the beautiful nature, this trip will be unforgettable

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